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A New Era Of Antimicrobial Treatments...



- 3rd Aug 2015

A New Generation of Antimicrobial Experience

The Environmentally Friendly and Food Safe Episode


ZoonoTex Z-35 is a concentrated form of Zoono that has several times the active agent as the standard product and is used primarily in the textile industry.

It provides the most advanced non toxic, non allergenic, anti fungal and anti microbial treatments for furnishing, flooring, apparel and industrial textiles.

ZoonoTex Z-35 is highly effective in odour eradication and enhances the life and performance of high performance fabrics, military uniforms, medical and service uniforms, sportswear and undergarments.

ZoonoTex Z-35 has a long active life, often exceeding the life of the fabric itself.

It is highly durable with laundering tests showing it is still active after up to 50 washing cycles in various trials. ZoonoTex Z-35 has been successfully tested in the USA, Australia and Japan.

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