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A New Era Of Antimicrobial Treatments...



- 3rd Aug 2015

A New Generation of Antimicrobial Experience

The Environmentally Friendly and Food Safe Episode


Zoono Protex is a special formulation designed for food tray applications.

Incorporating Zoono's antimicrobial technology into / onto polystyrene and plastic food trays has been proven to extend the shelf life of both red and white meats, fish, processed meat, processed foods and other raw and cooked foods.


protex Zoono is clear / cloudy, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, non corrosive and whilst completely safe for humans and animals alike, and is deadly for a wide range of micro organisms including bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses.

It has similar "toxicity" levels to that of to Vitamin C so can be used in total confidence.

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