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A New Era Of Antimicrobial Treatments...



- 3rd Aug 2015

A New Generation of Antimicrobial Experience

The Environmentally Friendly and Food Safe Episode


Zoono has recently released their Zoono Clothing & Shoe Sanitiser - a formulation that quickly eliminates unwanted odours from clothes and shoes and leaves them ready for use.

This product also incorporates the proven, unique Zoono antimicrobial technology.

Zoono Clothing & Shoe Sanitiser is the perfect product for freshening up clothes and shoes - especially items that have not been used for extended periods.

Unlike traditional deodorisers that rely on the principle of overpowering odours via a more powerful fragrance, (a 'mask'), the Zoono Clothing & Shoe Sanitiser actually kills the odour causing bacteria - meaning that the actual source of the odour has been eliminated.

This product will not leave any stains nor will it discolour clothing or shoe finishes - it can be used on fine fabrics, traditional fabrics, denim and leathers alike.

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